I LOVE essential oils!  It's true.  My essential oil journey began over eight years ago and I've never looked back.  Honestly, at this point I have no idea how I possibly lived without essential oils for as long as I did!  They are beyond amazing, and if you haven't started incorporating essential oils into your daily life yet...well quite frankly you really should! Let me tell you why!

1.  Essential oils come from PLANTS (and no not the chemical factory type).  They come from mother earth-from the leaves, roots, stems, bark, flowers, and seeds of plants,  and the really good essential oils come from plants that are grown in their native habitat free from pesticides and other chemicals.  Personally, I use the purest and most potent essential oils I can find.  I want assurance that the plants being distilled for my oils are of the highest quality, that there were no chemicals applied to help the plants grow and that no chemical extenders or fillers were added during the distillation process.  

2.  Essential Oils have powerful therapeutic and healing properties supported by SCIENCE!!!!  Yes SCIENCE!  Never mind that plant medicine and essential oils have been used for thousands upon thousands of years to heal and protect the cavemen and Jesus long before the mass production of pharmaceutical drugs.  Many people still question the value of this mislabeled "alternative" medicine.  Well, to that I say, GET OVER IT!  Where does everyone think pharmaceutical drugs come from anyway? Uh...they are synthesized plants.  You may or may not be aware that aspirin is basically synthesized Wintergreen.  While there are many different essential oils, in general most essential oils have naturally cleansing properties.  Essential oils also have properties such as being purifying, germ destroying, decongestant, deodorant, digestive as well helping to strengthen the immune system and reduce feelings of sadness.  There are many published medical studies about essential oils and thankfully researchers are conducting more and more studies everyday.  Did you know that there are more than 1,000 published medical studies on peppermint essential oil alone!?  Feel free to do some research for yourself of course!  Check out:  pubmed.gov and aromaticscience.com for more information on essential oils, and they include current medical citations.  

3.  Essential Oils are EXTREMELY LIBERATING!  Now that I have essential oils in my life, I have so much more control over my own health.  I listen to my body.  My intuition has strengthened as a result I notice if I feel fatigued  or stressed out and I can choose oils to help myself accordingly.  If I feel the start of that little tickle and scratchy feeling at the back of my throat, I don't freak out instantly and run to the nearest urgent care center.  I start with essential oils.  Most of the time, the essential oils do the trick.  I rarely end up going to see a doctor (thank goodness because visits are $$$$$$).  I am able to give my body what it needs to assist in healing itself.  [DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor.  I'm all for Western Medicine.  I admire doctors and nurses and I know that their work is necessary.  Caring for the health of others is a noble profession.  Prescriptions are necessary.  Antibiotics are necessary.  BUT.  I believe our culture abuses the medical system and overuses medications and antibiotics (Antimicrobial Resistance, AMR, is a HUGE SCAREY GROWING PROBLEM), and I believe that our medical system abuses us as well, shoving bandaids down our throats instead of addressing the root causes of health issues or even trying to adopt a preventative care model.]  Essential oils are powerful tools that help put healing and care back into homes.  They give power and responsibility back to the individual.  YOU!  They give power back to YOU!  You can learn how to care for yourself!  Isn't that liberating?!?!?!

4.  Health & Wealth.  

I use and share and sell pure essential oils so I can be in control of my health and make a positive impact on the world.  I am proud to associate myself with dōTERRA because it is a company with integrity and heart.  In a world full of greed and corruption, dōTERRA is making the world a better place one drop at a time.  It's time for everyone to WAKE UP and recognize that it is possible to turn your health around using tools that nature provides.  It is possible to say no to harmful chemicals that seem to be force fed to us in our food and common household & self care products.  It is possible to reduce the constant bombardment of toxic chemicals into our systems by switching to natural products and by making our own products with pure essential oils.  When you make these changes, you won't just be helping yourself either, you'll be taking a great leap for mankind and for the environment.  I choose to share these oils because I want to help people live a healthier life.  I want everyone to remember that there are alternative ways of living!  I want to spread hope and belief in the healing power of nature and the healing power of our own bodies.  I want to change the world for the better and I'm doing it with essential oils!

Not only are pure essential oils safe, powerful, and effective but also they are SO MUCH FUN!  Believe me, if you have a body, these essential oils can help you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I am building a home based business with essential oils so I can be in control of my own life and finances$$$.   I want to turn this train around!  The fight for natural health and healing is a noble fight.  It is work that I believe in and that I can pour my heart and soul into.  It is a business plan that rewards you for spreading the essential oil message and teaching people how to take care of themselves.  This business opportunity has totally changed my life.  It has given me a mission to heal, and the means to do it. I am building my essential oils business to raise the vibration of humanity, to spread awareness, to raise consciousness, and quite frankly- to stick it to the man.  I reject the rank and file.  I refuse to shrink to fit in with the status quo.  I think for myself.  I listen to my body, I listen to my heart, and I invite you to do the same!  

I invite you to learn more about these amazing essential oils and start incorporating them into your life.  I invite you to take your power back and strengthen your belief in yourself and your ability to heal.  I invite you to take control of you health by jumping on our essential oils bandwagon.  I invite you to take control of your wealth by joining this noble fight and spreading the message!  I believe in you.